Best Mattress for Seniors 2022 (Buying Guide)

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Getting a restful night's sleep is harder to achieve as we age. It is of great importance to at least get a complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep for the elderly—and picking the right mattress matters to ease the uncomfortable tossing and turning of our elders during their sleep.


Sleeplab prepared a buying guide on how to choose and what to check in considering the best mattress for seniors. We have included the details why they need to be considered for adults over the age 60.



  • For most seniors, medium to medium firm mattresses provides the best level of support.
  • Let their weight and sleeping position determine the firmness of the mattress.


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  • Check the mattress' ability to reduce tension and impact while bearing weight. Seniors may require a mattress with good pressure reduction to ease back and joint pain by reducing pressure points in critical places, such as the hips and shoulders.

    Mattresses with 7-zone pocket springs may be the best option as it puts firmness and softness to where our body needs it most. Regardless of the sleeping position, it will keep their posture straight. Easing pressure in critical areas.


strong edge support mattress, best mattress for seniors 2022, sleeplab mattress
  • Check if it can hold and support the body even at its perimeter. This is an often overlooked feature, but as seniors may have reduced mobility, this makes it easier for them to get out of bed.


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  • There are mattresses that absorb and retain the body heat accumulated from its user. That can cause uncomfortable overheating.
  • Look for mattresses with heat displacing technology function like nano cooling. Seniors tend to prefer mattresses that absorbs less body heat and sleep relatively cool.


  • Matress resilience or bounce can provide greater ease of movement which gives seniors with limited mobility an advantage.


Check the service and warranty of the shops you go to. Here at Sleeplab PH, we offer 10-year warranty for all of our mattresses and FREE same-day shipping within Metro Manila.

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