Pocket Spring Cloud Mattress

₱11,550.00 ₱15,400.00

Pocket Spring Cloud Mattress is designed to increase comfort by providing support to pressure-points of the human body. 

At its center is its special spring system: The 7-zone pocket spring. It’s a spring tech that provides 7 pressure-relieving areas. Placing firmness and softness where the human body needs it most.  Sleeplab’s Pocket Spring Cloud Mattress is engineered to suit each unique body type—giving each user just the exact amount of comfort they need and more.


Thickness: 10”
Single: W 91 x L 191
Double: W 137 x L 191
Queen: W 152 x L 193
King: W 183 x L 198


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The Pocket Spring Cloud Mattress is made with Tencel Fabric Technology that is hypoallergenic. Good for people with sensitive skin!

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